With Budweiser Select, a more special beer, the objectives were two-fold:

1)     Create an idea that could be done for no other brand of beer.

2)     Allow hipper, more adventurous drinkers to discover the brand on their own.

The result was Crowntown, an original series of animated episodes produced by Psyop’s Blacklist and released on the web.

The Bud Select logo was de-constructed to create characters: Boone, Tee, Dutch, Jennie and Larry.

These young, single residents would find themselves in a number of interesting situations.

The episodes were animated in Sweden by Pistachios, and introduced by The Flaming Lips’ song, “The W.A.N.D.”

In just the first three weeks after its introduction, Crowntown registered nearly 2 million viewings, and praise from the likes of Contagious, Stash, Adrants, ‘Boards and others.