If you were on earth at the turn of the century you may remember a Budweiser campaign that became a cultural phenomenon. It was called Whassup.

Though it aired only in the Unites States, its popularity circled the globe.

As DDB Group Creative Director for Budweiser, Don led the team that created the campaign, inspired by the short film True by director and actor Charles Stone III.

In 2000, Whassup won every major advertising award in the world, including the coveted Grand Prix at Cannes.

Thanks to its fans, Whassup became one of the earliest instances of viral marketing.

It was copied, mimicked and parodied by everyone from the home studio editor to Vice President Al Gore to Saturday Night Live.  If you ever have an entire Saturday night to spare, get a bowl of popcorn and enter “Whassup parodies” at YouTube.  You can watch all of them.

In 2004, it was inducted into the Viral Marketing Hall of Fame.  The History Channel voted Whassup one of the top 10 campaigns of the past 25 years.