Was fortunate enough to work on the account when Magic Johnson and Larry Bird would compete for the NBA title every year.  And when Converse was the basketball shoe.  Was also fortunate enough to work on the account when the original basketball shoe — the Chuck Taylor All Star, made its move from the courts to the clubs.  Everyone from Ferris Bueller to the Mighty Mighty Bosstones to skateboard superstar Christian Okoye each had a few pairs and colors in their collection.

Even though new brands like Nike and Reebok were becoming the leaders in athletic footwear, the All Star was as popular as ever.  There was an organic, quirky and sentimental quality to the brand, and to its advertising.  As “sneakers” climbed past $100 a pair, the All Star made a fashion statement all its own — a bit of an anti-fashion statement, one that said the wearer also had character and enduring qualities.