Featuring exhibits by artists like The Situationists, Chris Burden, Pier Paolo Pasolini, and Robert Mapplethorpe, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston challenged the status quo, and also compelled visitors to see art with a fresh perspective.  That led us to a very simple campaign thought, I See a…  What Do You See?, with the initials of the museum representing the first part.  These executions were two posters displayed in stations for the public transportation network, known in Beantown as the T.  The execution directly below features an assemblage we made with photographer Dwight Olmsted, from actual train parts provided by the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority.

In this second poster, we made our own version of the Boston T map and its four major train lines, and replaced all of the real stops with names that in some coded way alluded to the location and/or anything about it that make it distinctive.  For example, Gooey Center on the Blue Line replaced Government Center.  Want Some Meat on the Green Line was actually the Haymarket stop, where one butcher in particular would constantly intercept shoppers and passers-by with his toothy sales pitch, “Want some meat?”  Ask Not on the Red Line was the JFK Museum and Library stop.  Now Cough on the Orange Line Was the stop for the New England Medical Center.  And so forth.  Below our version is an actual T map, if you’d like to compare and try to figure out what inspired the alias.