Midas has always been a great client.  Years ago, when we won the account at DDB, we revisited some of the equities that had helped the brand grow over the previous 50 years.  At the time, Midas was at the tail end of a period when they had tried different messages and slogans, and in the process, had drifted away from some key brand calling cards: storytelling with a smile, a focus on the customer, and — most important — trust.  Right away we suggested a return to one of the great tag lines of all time (created by Wells Rich Greene back in the Mad Men days); Trust the Midas touch.  And we did a TV campaign that featured humorous scenarios (like a Midas person given a lie detector test) that underscored the notion of their auto service experts’ trustworthiness.  The Midas franchisees said it was the hardest-working stuff they’d had in years.

in conjunction with that work, we spent a lot of time and focus on beefing up the brand’s Consumer Response Marketing, to make it more engaging.  Again, we made the customers and the service experts the heroes, and delivered it all in a tone that was human and approachable.  And again, they had great results.  We also leveraged the value of the assets by bringing those same executions into the more than 1700 Midas locations across North America, so that each shop reflected a consistent personality and message, and imagery that showed interesting people rather than just car parts.

The colorful portraits were taken by the accomplished and inimitable photographer Sandro.